The Jagir of Khairwa a principality with 12 villages was granted to Thakur Ranchod Das ji by Maharaja Jaswant Singh ji of Jodhpur­Marwar in 1657 A.D.


He was the grandson of Maharaja Udai Singh ji also called Mota Raja who ruled Jodhpur­Marwar from 1583­1595 A.D, is remembered as a benevolent King. Many of his sons and grandsons were given direct grants of Jagirs by the Mughal Emperor Akbar and the Maharaja , while some carved their own. Prominent among them were Khairwa, Ratlam, Sailana, Sitamau, Kishangarh, Govindgarh, and Pisangan.


The present Thakur Harishchandra Singhji of Khairwa is one amongst his descendents a Jodha­Rathore. Prior to the grant of Khairwa to the Jodha­Rathores, it was at one time ruled by the rulers of Pali, Nadol, Mertia­Rathores and the Jhala who came from Mewar, later whose daughter was married to Rao Maldev ji, the Maharaja of Jodhpur.


The folklores says that Rao Jodha ji the founder of Jodhpur was corronated at Khairwa after his father Rinmalji died fighting with the Maharana of Mewar.


However over the years the Fort­Palace at Khairwa sank into years of neglect and decay. Inspired by a wave of successful restorations to heritage properties and encouraged by the tourism prospects into western Rajasthan. The present Thakur Harishchandra Singhji, decided to renovate the Fort­Palace with the help and association of his cousins from Nimaj a principality of equivalent status. Both had the honour of being the “Sirayats of Marwar” a privilidge conferred to eight jagirdars only. The sirayats were permanent senators of Marwar. The Thakur’s Family at Nimaj has opened the gates of their palace for the tourists since 2006. (

The name of the heritage hotel “Dera Khairwa” signifies Dera as a camp, of the association of the Rathore’s at village Khairwa, who have restored the Fort­ Palace to its former glory.