See the cobbler’s family engaged in embroidery on leather and making Juti – local footwear made from hide tanned locally.




Watch Rural artisns Stiching “Salma-Sitara” Bold glitters on colourful Oodnis/Sarees which worn by the rural women of Rajasthan women adds colours to the desert state.



Offroad drive through the farms, hamlets/ dhani settlements, observe the local flora & fauna before unfolding the tea hamper in the countryside.

Cobbler Making Juti's

Embroidery work on Odhni's

Rural Safari



To Draw out drinking water from a well and carry it to their homes in pitchers on their heads is a life style of women in this village. Seeing the village ladies draw sweet drinking water from the well is a treat to the eyes.




Visit the potter’s house and see him making earthernware on the potter’s wheel.




See a blacksmith making farm Implements.

Drawing Water from well

Potter on wheel

Visit the Black Smith

All the above activities are charged separately.